Safety Sensors

It can be a residential garage door, a commercial overhead door, or heavy duty metal gate. When a garage door or a gate are Jammed, they should never be operated. The door to your garage is sometime the door you use every day, and in many credential houses in Los Angeles multiple times a day. For some home owners the door of the garage might be the main entrance, in case the house is built in a way that the garage is attached to the house, and they park their car inside. And since the garage can be the place where many home owners park their car (And sometime more than one car) the garage door might be in use multiple times a day.
The garage doors operate in a smooth and safe way most of the times we are using them. But sometime garage door or the metal gate can get stuck, jammed, a garage door can jump out of the tracks, and many other reasons that can prevent garage door from operating properly and safely. If this is the case, and the garage door not operating smoothly, garage door safety become relevant, and this is the reason we wrote this this article. To make it clear that a broken garage door or gate are not safe, and shouldn’t be used.

Do not use a broken garage door!

If the garage door is jammed, if the garage door is off tracks, if the spring broke, the hinge is lose, or if the cable snapped, stop using the door, and get in touch with a local garage door serviceman in Los Angeles, You are probably used to garage door or that operate smoothly whenever you need it to open up or to close. But when something is wrong, and the door I jammed, using the door can be dangerous.
Some garage doors can weight hundreds of pounds. It is obvious that if it is a commercial garage door, only a qualified repairman should service the door. But that does not mean that if you own a residential garage door, you should try and use the door or repair it by yourself. Garage doors require specific parts, and using the wrong part, or the wrong equipment, can result with accidents.
Yes, some residential garage door repairs can be done by DIY, like the garage lubrication (Residential overhead door only), or if one of the safety sensors brake or if someone accidently moved it. But if it a different issue, that require a qualified serviceman, wait for the serviceman to come and fix it for you.

Using broken garage door can end with accidents

Imagine that part of the garage door came out of the tracks. If you will look closely, you will find that the part which connect the overhead door to the tracks are the rollers. And when the door comes out of the tracks (It is actually the rollers that come off the track) the door become dangerous, and shouldn’t be operated.
If you will insist trying to open up or close the door, the door can completely come out of tracks, and it can collapse. We saw many overhead doors in Los Angeles fall completely form the tracks, it is not a pleasant sight, and it can crate damage as well as injuries. The best thing will be to hire a local garage door expert in LA County to come and repair the door.

Who repair garage doors in Los Angeles?

If you live in Los Angeles, there is no need to wonder who service garage doors in my area? Since you just found the best garage doors company in Los Angeles and the area. We offer same day service for commercial and residential garage doors and gates in LA, and since we carry all garage doors parts with us, we can repair most broken garage doors in Los Angeles on the spot. So there is no need to violate any safety rule by attempting to fix garage door by DIY, and get in touch with us for same day garage door or gate repair services in LA County.

Safety Sensors (Automated garage doors!)

If you own automated garage door, it should include a safety feature. The most common safety feature you will find in Los Angeles Ca will be the safety sensors. If you are not sure what are the safety sensors, look at the bottom of the door, near the tracks, you should be able to spot the safety sensor on each side if the door. There is a reason why the safety sensors are installed the way they are installed, and they should not be removed (Assuming they were installed properly).

Garage safety sensor:

Safety sensor for garage door

The garage door safety sensors are installed on opener driven overhead doors, in order to make sure that the door could only be close when there is nothing at the garage door path. In case something will be placed at the door’s path the safety sensors will signal to the motor that it is not safe to close the door. They should never be removed or installed in a way which is against the safety guidelines on how to install safety sensors. If the garage operator is too old, and there are no safety sensors attached, we will not even be able to service your garage door operator.

Safety Sensors Issue

The garage door safety sensors are there for your protection (again, automated doors only), and they are there to prevent from accident to accrue. Even if the safety sensors might be the reason for many garage door issues, and might be the reason that the door is not closing. The safety sensors should never be removed! Not only that there is a federal law that require that every automated garage door will include a safety feature, but also the door will not be safe for use.
If the safety sensors were installed correctly, by a qualified garage door technician, they shouldn’t be the cause for ay garage door issue. There is good article about garage door safety sensors troubleshoot that you will find helpful if there is something wrong with the safety sensors.

Commercial overhead door and safety

All Los Angeles Garage Doors, hope that you realize that the commercial overhead doors and the commercial gates should only be serviced by a qualified technician. Industrial overhead doors isn’t the place for try and error. Misuse of the door or the broken metal gate, or a failing attempt to repair them, can end with injuries. During serving garage doors and gates in the Los Angeles, we witnessed a commercial overhead door completely falling from the tracks which holding it, this is something that no one want to experience. Use a qualified technician, who is experienced with installation and garage door repairs in Los Angeles County, and who will be able to deal with a commercial heavy duty garage door.

Automated garage door safety

Safety check for garage door

Every garage door and gate need to be maintained. It can be a residential garage door in Los Angeles, or commercial garage door in LA, they need to be maintained in time. And important part of the maintenance is the garage door safety check. While performing the lubrication, you also need to make sure that the gate is safe for use. The safety sensors might never be in need, and might be the cause for some issues, but that one time they will prevent and protect from an accident worth it.

Same Day Service Los Angeles, Ca

All Los Angeles Garage Doors are here for you. If your door is jammed, if the gate is not working, if you are not sure what to do, get in touch with us and we will try to help. No garage door worth violating a safety law, and for sure no broken garage door worth getting injured! We offer repair for broken garage doors, rolling gates, roll up gate repair Los Angeles, and more. But we also ready to provide other service such as new garage door instalment or gate motor installation. No matter what service you need, wait for garage doors expert to come and help you, since safety should always come before anything else!

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