Garage Door Safety Sensors Repair Los Angeles

Every automated overhead door (Overhead door which is being operated with an electric opener/operator) must include a safety feature. It can an electric overhead door in Tarzana, or electric overhead door in Beverly Hills, they must include a safety feature. This is not an option, or up to you or to the garage door installer, this is what required by law. A federal law require every automated garage door to include a safety feature, which will protect and prevent the closing overhead garage door from hurting someone or something by the closing garage door.
If you own an automated garage door in Los Angeles, make sure that the door is equipped with safety feature such as the garage door safety sensors. The safety sensors in are installed on each side of the garage door, next or on the tracks, and no higher than 6 inches from the floor (to protect pets or small objects). The safety sensors should be installed when they are facing each other, and in case an object will interrupt the invisible laser beam between the two sensors, the garage door opener which closing the door will stop it movement and reverse to open position, and by that protect and avoid hurting the object which interrupt with the laser beam. It can be a person, bicycle, or any other object that may be forgotten bellow the garage door.

Safety sensors installation Los Angeles CA

Every automated garage door, whether it is installed in Los Angeles, in Beverly Hills, or anywhere else in California, must include a safety feature, and the most popular safety feature for garage door in Los Angeles is the laser safety sensors. Under no circumstances, even if it may seem to you like the thing that will solve all the garage door issues, you should disable or remove the safety sensors from a garage door in Los Angeles, unless if it is for repair or replacement.
Make sure that the safety sensors are installed correctly, and that the wiring is not damaged and well connected. If you fail to perform a correct safety sensors installation, you will not be able to close the garage door using the garage door remote control, and you won’t be able to use the door automatically. Good and trouble free garage door safety sensors start from the installation. When the safety sensors were installed by a qualified garage door technician in Los Angeles, they should work with no problems for many years.

Opener safety sensors

Safety sensors troubleshooting

Every automated garage door must include a reversing safety feature. When something interrupting the invisible laser beam between the safety sensors, the garage door opener will partly close the door, and during the movement will reverse itself to open position, followed by flickering light which signaling you that something is wrong.
If you own a motorized garage door in LA, and you are unable to close the garage door using the garage door opener, and it doesn’t matter if it is Lift Master garage opener, Genie garage opener, or any other garage opener brand in Los Angeles, it may be due to many reasons, and one of them is the garage door sensors. If this is the case, and the reason for the problem is the safety sensors, you should be able to close the garage door by holding the wall push button pressed till the door close.
You should check the sensors to make sure that no one accidently moved one of them, so they are not facing each other anymore, or if there is some dirt or dust on the sensors, which block the beam, or if the wire is disconnected or cut, or even a water damage which damaged the sensors and prevent them from fulfilling their job. There are few possible reasons that can prevent garage door opener in LA California from closing the door, and we will go over few of them:

The safety sensors are not installed properly

When the safety sensors weren’t installed in the right way, the garage opener may not close the door, or it may close the door at first, and the problem will begin after a while. We are often receive calls for automated garage doors repair, and when we arrive we discover that the safety sensor were installed in a wrong way, or against the law.
If you install the garage opener by doing it yourself, or if you are using a handy man instead of a qualified garage door technician, make sure that the safety sensors (And the garage door opener installation) is being performed correctly. If you are not sure, contact us for same day service in Los Angeles California.

Someone pushed the safety sensor

This is a common problem, which can also prevent the garage opener from closing the door. The best thing to do is to make sure that the safety sensors are facing each other, like every garage door in California with safety sensors should be. If you can’t get the opener to close the garage again, contact a garage door repairman in Los Angeles for assistance.
The safety sensors are supposed to face each other, and depend on the brand of garage opener you are using, there supposed to be lights that indicate that everything is ok with the sensors. Sometime it can be simply be a lose screw that got lose over the years, and does not hold the safety sensor anymore. In that case just screwing it tightly back into place can solve the problem.

The cable that connect the sensor cut

Many people in Los Angeles put their gardening tools and their cleaning tools next to the garage door track. And this is where the garage safety sensor is installed. The result is that many times they accidently cut the wire, and the safety sensor does not close the door. If you own a Lift Master Opener, you can follow this tutorial, and learn how to troubleshoot garage door safety sensor. If you own a Genie garage opener, you can visit this link and learn how troubleshoot Genie opener safety sensors.
In general, we can say that Liftmaster safety sensors are strong enough, and it is not surprising to find garage door safety sensors made by Liftmaster, and that were installed 20 years ago. We carry with us safety sensors for all types of garage door openers in Los Angeles and we can repair or replace any broken garage door opener in Los Angeles on the spot.

Liftmaster Safety Sensor Repair

It is no secret the Liftmaster garage openers are strong and reliable, and the preferred brand when it comes to garage door opener installation in Los Angeles California. And just like other garage door openers, Liftmaster garage openers also come with safety sensors. The Liftmaster safety sensors can also be the cause for garage door issues, and when they are not installed properly, or if someone moved the safety sensor, they can prevent your overhead door in Los Angeles from closing all the way. If you experiencing issues closing a garage door that operate with Lift Master garage opener, you may want to check out an article written by MY Garage Doors about Lift Master garage door opener troubleshoot. If you are still unable to fix the problem, you can always contact us for same day garage door service in Los Angeles. 

safety sensors

Safety sensors replacement Los Angeles

Sometime the safety sensor cannot be fixed, and need to be replaced with new set of safety sensors. We at All Los Angeles Garage Doors prefer to replace everything that included in the safety sensors kit including the wires that connect the safety sensors to the garage opener. It can happen if someone accidently broke the safety sensors, after hitting one of them with a car or with bicycle. Or sometime the safety sensors need to be replaced due to water damage. The important thing is not to use the door remotely until the safety sensors will be repaired or replaced.
It can be a commercial garage door repairs, or a residential garage door, the important thing is to fix the safety sensors before the door can be used again. For same day garage door safety sensors repair in Los Angeles, you can contact us. We carry with us safety sensors for different garage doors in Los Angeles, and for different brands like Lift Master openers, Amarr door, Clopay doors, Matalonco Gates & Doors, Wayne Dalton and others. There is no garage door issue we can’t fix, and safety sensors is a garage door problem we are dealing with every day while servicing garage doors in Los Angeles.


There is only one right way to install safety sensors

The federal law about the garage door safety sensors, not only tell us that we must install safety sensors if we are using an electric garage opener, but it also instruct us how to install the safety sensors. If you are planning to install a new garage door opener in Los Angeles, or if your garage door is working with a garage operator, but it doesn’t include safety sensors, you must install the safety sensors.
For example, if might wondered why the garage safety sensors are installed so close to the floor, where anyone can accidently kick and move them. One possible reason is that in case you own a dog, a cat or a small pet, you do not want the door to close if the pet is below the door (If you own a dog, you probably aware of their nature to run out of the garage just when the door is closing. And by installing the garage door safety sensors low and close to the floor, you include them in the list of things that will be protected in case they will be at the door’s path when the door is closing.
Do not ignore the need for safety feature in your garage. If you are not sure, contact a local garage door technician to come and assist you, and make your home a safer place.

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