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Every garage door in Los Angeles, and to be accurate, we are talking about the high quality garage doors in LA, are designed to work properly for many years, and it is not rare to find that doors that were installed many years ago and still operate in a perfect way. If we leave aside the basic lubrication that every garage door require at least couple times every year, and some basic repairs, the high quality garage door in Los Angeles County rarely need service.
If you live in Los Angeles, or own a business in LA, and you are experiencing problems with your garage door or your gate, we welcome you to get in touch with us for a same day garage door repair in Los Angeles. Alternatively, you can read our frequently asked questions section we gathered during many years in the garage door repair and installation services.
For any other questions which aren’t addressed in here, we welcome you to contact All Los Angeles Garage Doors, and one of our overhead doors experts will try and help you.

Garage door FAQ


Before we begin, we would like to clear something very important: garage doors can be dangerous, and misuse of them can end with accidents and injuries. Any garage door which is not working properly, even if it just a simple safety sensors issue, or a complicated jammed torsion spring problem, should not be used, before it is inspected and serviced by a qualified garage door technician, who will inspect the door, repair it, and make sure it safe for use again. If you will insist to open up or close the garage door, when there is something wrong with it, you can create a bigger problem, but more important, you will put yourself at risk of getting injured. With our same day garage door repairs in Los Angeles CA, we can be there to day. Which mean that there is no need for unnecessary risks. Just call us, and we will be on our way.

What is your service your company cover?

Los Angeles Garage Doors Guys offer local garage door services near Los Angeles California and the area. Since we are doing our best to provide a same day service, we try to stay local. But at the same time, we will never say no to our customers, so if you heard about our service, and you are interested to use us for your next garage door service, please get in touch with us, and we will be there for you. Not once we repaired jammed gates, and commercial overhead doors. Since when someone need us, we will always be there help. When you love what you do, you enjoy helping people who need you. It can be jammed garage door repair in El Segundo, or gate repair Redondo Beach, someone from Gardena Garage Doors Guys will be there.

What kind of services you provide?

We repair and install garage doors and gates near Los Angeles. We repair, install and maintain garage doors from all brands and makers. We also repair steel and wooden gates, automated gates, swing gates, sliding gates and more. We also offer emergency gate service for commercial rolling doors in Los Angeles. We can perform both commercial and residential projects in Los Angeles, and there was never a garage door project that was too small or too big for our technicians.

What garage brands do you service?

We serve all garage door brands in Los Angeles California! There is no garage door problem we cannot solve, as long as repairing the door means that the door will be perfectly safe for use once we complete the service.

What method of payment your company accept?

All Los Angeles Garage Doors accept checks, cash and all major credit cards. Our company is insured, so proof of general liability will be provided if required. All our technicians are qualified to deal with commercial as well as residential garage doors in Los Angeles, California.

What are the hours to get in touch with you?

All Los Angeles Garage Doors are open every day, between7 AM and 11 PM. But the nature of our service as a company that offer emergency repairs as well, require from us to available 24-7 for emergency garage door or gate service in Los Angeles  Ca.

Do also install brand new garage doors?

Of course we do, we offer a complete service for new garage door installation in Los Angeles, including supply and installation of new garage doors. We install high quality garage doors from leading makers.

Garage Liftmaster FAQ

Where can I read reviews about your services?

If you like to read what our customers think about our garage doors and gates services, you can read testimonials about our garage door services on Google business page, and learn what our customers think about our service.

Does your company offer warranty?

Of course we offer warranty. We offer warranty for repairs and new installation, garage doors and roll up gates, openers, springs and more.

FAQ Garage Door Troubleshoot

What is wrong with my garage door?

The options when it comes to garage door problems in Los Angeles California are many, and there is no one particular problem that cover all the possibilities. But we gathered few of the common problems, and we will try to touch each one of them. If you are not sure, please get in touch with us for same day garage door repairs Los Angeles, Ca.

Why my garage door is not closing all the way?

Most likely, but not necessarily, there is something wrong with your safety sensors. The way the garage door opener operate, is that it needs to get a signal from the safety sensors, “telling” the garage opener that everything is ok, the open is clear, and it is safe to close the door. If something is blocking the path of the closing door, if the sensor is jammed, the wire is cut, or anything else that prevent the sensors from doing their job, the opener will not close the door.
You should know that every automated garage door in Los Angeles should include safety feature, like the safety sensors. The safety sensors may be a reason for many garage door issues, but at the same time, they are required by law, and can save life. So never remove or use the door remotely without them.

Garagedoor Los Angeles FAQ

Which is the best garage opener?

Ask any garage door service provider, which is the best garage opener in Los Angeles? And each opener manufacture will say that they are offering the best openers in the market. After many years of servicing garages, we come to the conclusion that our preferred and recommended garage opener manufacture to work with is Lift-master, which create high quality and reliable garage door motor. Whether it is a chain drive garage opener or a belt drive garage opener, Lift-master garage opener will be a wise choice and an opener you can trust to work for many years.

Do I need to I repair or replace my garage door?

This is a popular question, but it should be answered only after a garage door specialist physically inspect the door, and made sure that it will be unsafe to repair it, or that the repair is going to cost more than it would cost to replace the door with a brand new overhead door. But when you use the services of a reliable garage door company in LA, you get service that can answer all your garage door needs, whether it is a garage door repair, or a brand new garage installation. A new gate installment, or a commercial rolling gate replacement.

What is garage door lubrication?

Overhead garage door lubrication, or a roll up door lubrication for that matter, is a process that should be performed twice a year, and it should improve the movement of the door or the gate move, and preserve their parts. At the same time, the lubrication give the person who perform the lubrication (You or a garage door tech), to inspect the door or the gate, and to make sure they are safe for use, and that there are no jammed parts.

What to do if my garage spring broke?

The garage door springs are under a lot of tension, and when a spring break it can be dangerous. The best thing you can do is to stop using the door, and get in touch with a local garage door technician in Los Angeles, to replace the jammed spring for you. We for instance, carry springs for the majority of the residential and the industrial overhead doors in Los Angeles, and the springs we do not carry, we can get the same day.

Is my garage door safe for use?

This is a big question, so generally we will say that every garage door with a problem, whether it is a garage door in Los Angeles or a jammed garage door repairs, If you are visiting our website, you probably experiencing issues with your door, and in that case, we will recommend you to stop using the door. It may be safe for use, but we cannot determine that until we will come and inspect the door.

Why my garage door is noisy?

There are many options for a noisy garage door. It may be a problem with the mechanism of the door, or you may ignored the need for lubrication. The best thing to do will be to lubricate the door and see if it solve the problem, if not, get in touch with us for same day service in Los Angeles California.

Why opener doesn’t open the door?

There is a possibility that there is something wrong with your opener, but it can also be a problem with the mechanism of the garage door or both. We need more info to determine what the exact reason that prevent your garage door from opening is. Do not assume that if the garage opener can’t open the door, it is necessarily a garage opener problem. And even if it a garage opener issue, we carry parts and garage doors openers to repair any jammed garage opener in Los Angeles Los Angeles.

Why the remote control doesn’t open the garage door?

First try to replace the battery. People forget that there is a battery inside that can empty after few years. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to reprogram the remote, or to get in touch with a local garage company in Los Angeles for help.

Should I repair my garage door by DIY?

Some garage door issues problems that can be repaired in DIY, and there problems that require certain knowledge and tools. It all depend on what kind of problem there is, that prevent the garage door from working properly. If you need to replace the door, the spring or the opener, you may want to consider get in touch with a garage door supplier in Los Angeles. If it is a problem with the safety sensors, basic lubrication or other basic repairs, you may be able to repair it by yourself.
There are many articles that explain about garage door repair DIY and garage door troubleshooting. The important thing is to make sure that you fully understand everything before you decide to repair your overhead door by do it yourself. Remember that garage door repair is not the place to experiment, and you need to make sure that you know what you are about to do and that you have the required parts, working tools and of course the knowledge for repairing a garage door in Los Angeles by doing it yourself. If you are not sure, ask! We are here for you, and we will gladly assist you with any garage door question.


Do You Offer Emergency Repairs?

Since there is no such thing as good time for garage door to get stuck and stop working, we offer emergency garage door repair Los Angeles. It can be a commercial overhead door that refuse to close, or a residential garage door opener that can’t open the door anymore. And since we carry with us parts that can fit the majority of overhead doors in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, we can probably fix your broken garage door on first visit.

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