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The affect that broken garage door cable has on the garage door is the same as the affect that a broken spring has. The cable is the connection between the spring’s system and the door, and it carry the weight of the door. When the cable snapped, it result with a garage door which isn’t safe for use, and sometime when the garage cable snap the door can’t even be opened. If you own a garage door in Los Angeles, and the cable is snapped, you can choose if to replace the cable by do-it-yourself (Not recommended and dangerous), or to contact a local garage door supplier in Los Angeles to replace the cable with a new one.

Why the cable snapped?

Many people wonder what the reason that the garage door cable snapped is. And it is impossible to give one general answer that will answer the question. We can give you few common reasons, but there are many other possible reasons why a garage door cable snap. It can be a garage door in Los Angeles, or broken garage door in Woodland Hills, the reasons are many.
Reasons why the garage cable snapped:

Garage cable repair Los Angeles

  • The garage door cable was overused, and wasn’t replaced for many years. Like other parts of the garage door, they can break after different amount of years.
  • The door wasn’t maintained for a long time, or wasn’t maintain as often as required, like every overhead door in Los Angeles should be.
  • The door, the mechanism, or the cables weren’t installed properly, and over time the cable broke.
  • The cable was “touching” parts of the garage while the door was working.
  • The spring snapped: Many times the cable snap at the same time as the spring breaks.


What to do when the garage cable snap?

First, you need to understand that when the garage door is closed, the tension on the garage door cables is enormous, and this is the pint when most cables snapped. When the cable snap, the door might seem out of balance, or it can be impossible for you to open the door. Trying to force the door to work, or repeatedly trying to make the door wok can only lead to a greater damage, and can even end with injuries. The best thing for you to do will be to stop using the door, let other people who might try to use the door know that the door is broken, and call a local garage door repairer in Los Angeles.
Replacing a broken garage door cable is not a complicated task, and can be performed by every qualified garage door technician in Los Angeles.

Where can I get a garage cable?

When it comes to buying anew garage door cable, or any other garage door part, you must realize that there are many different types of garage doors, and there are many different parts. The cable that will be the right cable for a single home garage door in Los Angeles, might not be the right cable for a commercial overhead door, and vice versa. The same goes for springs, motors, hinges, rollers, etc. Two different springs, might look identical for someone who isn’t experienced with garage door repairs. If you decided to buy a new cable, and replace the broken cable by DIY garage door repairs, make sure that you are getting the right part.

How to replace a garage door cable?

If you decided to replace the broken cable by yourself, and not to use a local garage door technician, who is experienced and qualified to service overhead doors in Los Angeles, there are few things you need to know:
Replacing an overhead door cable can be complicated. There are some home garage door repairs that can be perfumed by DIY, and there are some repairs which shouldn’t. To learn more about DIY garage door repairs, you can read the article written by Three Beaches garage doors, the article is about DIY garage Door repairs near San Fernandao California. But can be helpful for garage owners in Los Angeles like to fix their busted garage door by DIY.
In general, we are not big funs of do-it-yourself garage door repairs. In the majority of cases it just doesn’t go smoothly, and the attempt ends with a bigger damage.

Do you sell garage door parts in Los Angeles?

There are many garage doors suppliers in Los Angeles. Some of them offer parts, and some offer the repair. We do not sell garage door parts in Los Angeles any more. We used to supply parts, but the cases when the client couldn’t complete the repair by himself due to lack of knowledge were too many. So we decided to stop selling parts.

Garage cable replacemnt Los Angeles

Garage cable replacement case study

We would like to share with you a story about a garage door repair DIY Case study, which will make it easier to explain why we avoid selling parts such as garage door cable. We once received a phone call from a customer with a broken who needed garage door repairs near Woodland Hills California who told us that he is interested in purchasing cables, since the old cable snapped. We sold him set of 2 new garage cables. The same day he call again and tell us that our cables aren’t good. We asked what makes him say that, and he tell us that since he couldn’t make the door working again, he blame the cables.
We offered to send a garage door technician who will come and install the same cable we sold him. If the door will not work, we will repair the door for free. If it will work, he only need to pay for the labor. He agreed. It our technician 2 minutes to spot the broken spring, and point to the customer. The customer apologized many times, and asked us to replace the spring.
This is just one of many cases where a client purchased a garage door cable, planning to repair the door by himself, and found that it is not as simple as he anticipated. We decided to stop parts to clients in Los Angeles, unless we will also repair the door, since this is the only wat to make sure the door will work and will also be safe for use.

Garage Cable repair Los Angeles CA

All Los Angeles Garage Doors repair all kinds of overhead doors in Los Angeles. We carry cables for all types of overhead doors, and we can complete any cable repair/replacement in Los Angeles on the first visit. We can replace snapped cable for commercial overhead doors, or home garage doors in Los Angeles. If you are looking for a local garage door company in Los Angeles, get in touch with us today.

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